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Capital Region Mopping Up after Heavy Downpours

WTEN News Ten, June 3rd, 2006


Entire roadways flooded, traffic troubles for drivers, and basements like wading pools, as residents in the Capital Region are mopping up after heavy downpours. The good news for the wet and weary is that those heavy rains are about to clear up. 

The results of the rains are still being felt around the Capital Region. 

In Glenville, residents are cleaning up in several spots. The wind and rain brought down power lines, starting a fire high above Kile Drive. Trees and branches came down too. 

The most dramatic, on Woodside Drive where a huge oak tree landed on power lines. The owner moved his truck just in the nick of time. 

"So I quickly went in, got my keys to my truck and moved the truck," says Doug Putnam, who moved his truck just in time. "And no more than ten to fifteen seconds later, the tree came down and hit the wires." 

"It was pretty slow motion when it came down," Putnam said. "There wasn't really a big crash or anything, just slow motion." 

"Treat any power line like it's live and stay inside the residence and let us take care of it, and wait for National Grid to get on the scene," says Glenville Fire Chief Arnold Briscoe. 

About 75 homes were without power there, and National Grid crews did the dangerous work, going high into the sky in the rain with the clippers to get things repaired. 

The full day of rain caused more problems for homeowners, businesses and people who just wanted to get outside. 

From some minor flooding of Katherine Road in Colonie to clogged storm drains on Bruno Road in Clifton Park, to boots and pumps in Warrensburg, the rain keeps coming. 

Just a couple days before a meeting with town officials about his water woes, Michael Morehouse, a Warrensburg resident, is dealing with a flooded basement again. It has ruined a new sheet rock wall he put up. He claims the water is coming from Route 9 and a nearby DOT garage. 

Meantime, at DeVoe's Rainbow Orchard in Halfmoon, so much rain has ruined some flowers. 

"And the vegetables, we're way behind in vegetables," says Larry DeVoe of DeVoe's Rainbow Orchard. "The ground is so wet that it's almost impossible to get on it." 

On the plus side, they have saved on their water bill. 

"Yea, but the sales aren't so good when it's raining like this. It takes a little time for people to get back out again after the rain stops," DeVoe says. 

Also closed, some batting cages in the area. In case of the rain, they do not want anybody swinging a bat in this weather. 

But not a golf club, as long as it is undercover at Clifton Park Golf Range. 

"It's supposed to be summer now and it's still spring," says Ted Jean of Halfmoon. "It's still April showers and we're in June. I'm waiting for May and June to come." 

"People like sun and so do we," says Ostoja Vucetic, of Clifton Park Golf Range. "But we don't have it, so we'll see. What can I say, it's rain, rain, rain."