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Prepping for an emergency 

Ken Jubie, Capital News 9


The scene was scattered with victims on stretchers awaiting transport and others being treated on the spot. 

Police, fire, ambulance, and even Hazmat crews, and national guard soldiers were all working together to get the site of a simulated plane crash under control, and to save as many of the 40 victims as possible.

109th Airlift Wing Colonel Ernie Grey said, "Their job is to sort them out and prioritize the injuries for treatment." 

Organizers said the drill's main goal was to make responders comfortable doing their jobs under intense pressure with people they don't regularly work with.

"Make sure that they revert to the way they've been trained to do things. And, also to evaluate the way they're trained, and make sure that there's no areas that need improvement," Grey said. 

Schenectady County Fire and EMS Coordinator John Nuzback said, "In the event of a real incident, it's not, 'Oh my God, what happened? Let's get started here.' They have worked together and they know what their roles are and they are actually practicing those roles." 

"All the linkages of who's gotta be contacted and who's gotta support what is, in fact, working. So that's number one for us," said Glenville Town Supervisor Frank Quinn. 

They said having these annual exercises is the best way to make sure first responders are ready, and that the community is safe if the drill someday becomes the real deal.