September 9th, 2006 - EGFD Hosts "Mass Casualty" Drill



A multi-agency drill simulating an emergency incident involving an Air National Guard C-130 cargo plane down in our fire district

By Dominic Famularo

Months of planning culminated Saturday, September 9th, 2006 with a multi-agency drill simulating an Air National Guard C-130 plane disaster in our fire district.  Utilizing the guidelines of "NIMS" (National Incident Management System), the East Glenville Fire Department and Stratton Air National Guard, which is based in Glenville, acted as the lead agencies in this extraordinary rescue effort.  "How much we pay attention to the littlest detail will determine if this or future operations will prove successful." said Arnold Briscoe, chief of the East Glenville Fire Department.

Firefighters from Thomas Corners, Alplaus, and Stratton Air National Guard fire departments also participated in the drill along with the Schenectady County Emergency Response Team.  Ambulance Corps from Schenectady, Rotterdam, Clifton Park, Duanesburg, and Galway also responded to assist.  Albany MedFlight helicopters were on hand to transport "seriously injured" patients to Albany Medical Center.  Ellis and St. Clare's hospitals were on full alert to accept multiple patients brought in by the above mentioned ambulance corps.

To the untrained eye, an operation of this size must have appeared to be very chaotic.  But in reality, all of these agencies worked together as a well organized team, never losing the thought that their main purpose for being on the scene was to provide immediate assistance to the injured, protect the residents of our fire district, and secure the crash scene from becoming more dangerous.

Captain Andrew Pohl of East Glenville Fire Department stated, "Drills of this nature are extremely necessary to conduct from time to time because of the seriousness in nature."  "It's East Glenville Fire Department's never ending quest to be as prepared for any emergency as possible because we have a share in this community.  It is where our homes, family, and dreams are." said Lt. Mike DeSantis.


Special thanks to the Schenectady Squadron Civil Air Patrol and Boy Scout Troop 34 of Niskayuna for portraying "victims of the crash" and to Chief Dean DiCapria and firefighters from the Charlton Fire Department for standing by to respond to calls in our fire district during this exercise.


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