Fire Detectors Versus Smoke Detectors 


Below is an Information Bulletin released by the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control on November 9th, 2006.



Photoionization Fire Detectors Versus

Photoelectronic Smoke Detectors


There has been the controversy over activation times of smoke alarms.  Ionization alarms being more effective on actively flaming type fires; and photoelectric alarms being more effective on smoldering fires.  We are providing a link that Chief Billy Goldfedder provided from the Barre City Vermont Fire Department.  Barre Fire Department has produced a video that goes into the difference between the two alarms.  In the video you will notice that the city recommends both alarms be installed and working simultaneous.  The second video then demonstrates performance of the two in what is known as an aquarium test.  We wanted to send the links for this so that you all can evaluate and react.


Why aren't dual detection process smoke alarms the norm?


The question raised by Boston FD's Joe Fleming once more comes up, are our smoke alarm standards effectively providing a high degree of home safety?  Joe has been a controversial person as he assets that the UL standards and tests are ineffective.

See how the video affects you.

A link to the Australian aquarium test:


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