[Officers] FW: Improving Response Scene Safety for Firefighters & Emergency Personnel Workshop.

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Subject: Improving Response Scene Safety for Firefighters & Emergency
Personnel Workshop.

Good evening,

See the attached flyer for the upcoming program, "Improving Response Scene
Safety for Firefighters & Emergency Personnel Workshop."

So refreshments can be ordered, please inform NYSAFC about the number of
Members from your department that plan on attending at least five business
days prior to the workshop by e-mailing jrodd at nysfirechiefs.com or calling
(800) 676-3473. Thank you.
Jeremy Rodd
Programs Assistant

Jeremy Rodd
Programs Assistant

New York State Association of Fire Chiefs 1670 Columbia Turnpike P.O. Box
328 East Schodack, NY 12063-0328
518-477-2631 - Fax:  518-477-4430
jrodd at nysfirechiefs.com

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