Deputy Treasurer Position

Position Description:

During the first official Board of Commissioners meeting of the calendar year, The board MAY

elect to appoint a Deputy Treasurer to the district staff for the purpose of supporting and backing

up the roles and responsibilities of the District Treasurer. As the deputy treasurer, the appointed

person would serve a term through December 31st of the appointed year. This position is up for

Board of Commissioners approval annually. Appointees must be bonded prior to beginning work

so as to protect the district in the case of improper use of funds by the Deputy Treasurer.


Any person appointed to the Deputy Treasurers position will be expected to learn and be able to

execute the duties of the District Treasurer when needed, including, but not limited to, tasks of:

  • Financial accounting of district finances utilizing the Districts “Quickbooks” software
  • Performing district employee payroll duties
  • Paying district bills based upon agreed upon district processes and procedures
  • Fiscal reporting to the district Board of Commissioners monthly including attending the

monthly Board of Commissioners meetings.

  • Note that for a more complete list of responsibilities, please refer to the attached Form

4-5 “ABC’s of Fire District Treasurer” (New York District Officers Guide; Revision 25)

When not performing District Treasurer duties, the appointee shall perform support tasks for the

Board of Commissioners and District Treasurer including, but not limited to:

  • Bank reconciliations
  • Performing signer duties as needed for district checks
  • Assistance with internal and external auditing of accounting procedures and practices
  • Occasional training as needed to help understand and maintain the high standards of

Civil and Governmental accounting


This position is considered to be strictly part-time. Current compensation for Deputy Treasurer is

a salary of $35.00 per month.

To apply for this position please send your resume and contact information to