Our History

On September 1, 1943, a group of taxpayers interested in obtaining fire protection for the East Glenville area met in the Gleason Schoolhouse to discuss the formation of a fire department.  Through subsequent meetings and with the aid of J. Leslie Schoolcraft, coordinator of civilian defense in Schenectady County, firematic and first aid courses were instituted covering a ten week period

On May 6th, 1944, an O.C.D. Trailer pump and necessary firefighting equipment was delivered to the company and housed temporarily in a loaned garage.  A truck chassis was loaned to the company on which a 600 gallon water tank was mounted.   The newly formed East Glenville Fire Company began serving the community.

Necessary petitions were circulated for the formation of a Fire District and at a public hearing held September 5th, 1944; the East Glenville Fire District No. 3 was approved.  A $14,000 bond issue was approved on May 27th, 1944 for the purchase of property for the first fire station, one fully equipped pumper and a new chassis for the 600 gallon water tank.  The East Glenville Fire Department was finally established.

In 1953 a $125,000 bond issued was approved to construct a new facility, purchase a new pumper and add more cisterns.  In 1959 the company with the assistance of the Ladies Auxiliary, placed radio monitors in the home of each firefighter.  In 1966 we saw the creation of a new water district in East Glenville which gave us our first fire hydrants.


In August 1973, a bond issue of $245,000 was approved by the residents of the district for an addition to the north side of the station.  The addition then housed the 1975 Hahn Ladder Tower.

The 90’s came along and things really started to change.  The 1975 Hahn Ladder truck was completely rebuilt into a modern 1995 aerial truck.  A new pumper (231) was purchased with a 10 man enclosed cab; no more back step passengers.  With the increase of traffic along the Rt. 50 corridor, auto accidents increased dramatically. 

As the apparatus and equipment changed it became necessary to construct a new building, so in November 1996, we moved across the street and in our current building located at 433 Saratoga Road.

During the 2000’s East Glenville has kept pace with the commercial growth and advancements in firefighting techniques and equipment.  In 2008 we purchased a new E-One engine.  In 2012 the District replaced the 1995 85’ Simon/LTI Ladder truck with a brand new Crimson ERV 100’ aerial. 

In 2017 our Technical Rescue was sold to Schenectady County to become the new County Hazardous Materials response vehicle. This sale, in addition to the sale of the 1991 Pierce engine, allowed the purchase of our new 2018 Sutphen Engine Rescue. We also added a refurbished Lifepack 12 in 2018 to assist our EMTs with vital sign monitoring. We also purchased a new forcible entry training door and are currently in the process of purchasing a new EMS vehicle to replace our Expedition.